Renaissance (Documentary)


The final documentary should be finished by May 2024.

The goal of this documentary is to present a few NDE accounts, and then also interview experts in the medical field who have studied these experiences.

This documentary will last around 2 hours, and delves into understanding these near death experiences better and what they mean on a scientific, human and spiritual level:

– What happens during these experiences?

– Why are people often scared to share them at first?

– How can we know it’s not just a hallucination, a dream or a “trick of the mind”?

– Is there something after death?

– What are the life lessons and the after effects that these people bring back with them?

The documentary features 6 guests, and should last around 2H10min. Of these 6 guests, 3 of them will be people who have had a near-death experience:

Barbara Bartolome (Her FB page:

Vinney Tolman (His website: ​

– Penny Wittbrodt (Her FB page:

The 3 other guests are medical experts in the field of near-death experiences:

Eben Alexander, M.D. (Neurosurgeon, author, near-death experiencer)

(His website:

Raymond Moody, M.D. ( Psychiatrist, philosopher, physician)

(His website:

Pim van Lommel, M.D. (cardiologist, author, researcher)

(His website:


The final documentary should be finished by May 2024.

This documentary won’t be online for free this year in order to give an advantage to people who will support this campaign.  In exchange of your contribution, you will receive the documentary in advance, as well as other perks depending of the level of support (see perks). I’m convinced that such a project will help people better understand these experiences, and also help us better deal with grief and the loss of loved ones.